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XD I dunno, I needed to mix it up.

Anyway, this is probably one of your best. It was pretty hypnotizing actually.

You should be proud of a song well WELL done! This is great!

I been kinda in a writer's block for a while so I don't have anything new . . . yet. I'm getting the juices flowing again and should be done with my next project within a week.

Anyway, great job man.

The XTreme Gamer
Paul Stetich

Not bad

It could probably be better with a little more variety in instruments. I'll hand it to you, at least it's not one instrument and a drum, you actually have detail. You just lack variety. Other than that . . . perfect.


LOL That's fuckin' clever man! Definite download.

Once again, I agree with IlPhase

But for Voice Acting, this is pretty cool I guess

Not bad man.

I love the instrument selection, and the drum selection is practically perfect for such a song.

However, I would probably have added a little more audible detail to it. I mean its practically only two instruments and a drum.

But its not bad for a start brutha. Keep at it man. You have tons of potential.


Speedix responds:

Thanks! I made this six months ago, like right after I got Fruity Loops Studio 8. Im better now!(I think) Anyway, thanks for the tips, I'll make a new azure lake later.

Wow man

You've improved SO MUCH since I last heard your stuff . . . I know its been a while here too, I had other shit goin on lol.

And if you're only the 9th Shadow song, I wonder what mine was . . . lol

But hey there's not much I can say you can improve on. The detail is perfect, and Shadow's voice proved it. Excellent work brutha.


X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Thanks man. Iv been going thru a lot lately so i needed to make good use of some of my anger and frustration and i think my frustration helped me out a lot lol.

I absolutly love how this song came out and the one thing i really like about it is that it has a lot of power to it. I almost think i over did it with the bass but i think it sounds awesome. Only problem now is that i dont know what to remix next lol.

Yep i made the 9th shadow song on newgrounds but i dont know what number urs is. We may need to look at the dates and figure it out.

Anyway thanks for the review and thanks for the inspiration.


An improvement but not much

Still went too crazy with that one instrument, but I really like the instrument diversity and the more detail. I knew you could get better ^.^

Its still missing a certain something. Drums aren't too big a deal so it's not that . . . I can't quite put my finger on it. The ending was cool though.

Still needs work, but it's still an improvement. Keep at it brutha


djresset responds:

ok thanks


Awesome beat. I'd love to hear someone break it down on this. You got the volume levels just right, you got everything almost perfect . . .

All I can say is there's maybe a little too much reverb. But I don't care about that. This is greatness nonetheless. Keep it up brutha.


ruffhuff responds:

thanks alot man

Not bad, not good

You went WAY TOO CRAZY with the main instrument. Try changing the portamento level down a little bit so it doesn't sound so damn bouncy.

This needs a lot more detail. Better instruments, more audible background . . . and it wouldn't hurt to put in drums. That would've helped BIG TIME.

But don't get me wrong . . . I see the potential. I can hear it. You just gotta work on it a little, tweek up your skills, and you'll get better over time. Keep at it


djresset responds:

comment my V2 of this song

My dream is making it to the WWE.

Cool loop. Needs a little more detail. But you got a good start on it. But it just sounds like you used one instrument. People enjoy variety, diversity. The speech does add to it, but it's just not enough. Good start though

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