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Not bad

It's pretty good. But it's not perfect.

I give you kudos. There's one things that pisses me off more than anything here on Newgrounds, and that's when there's a song on the top 30 all time or weekly top 5, that only has one instrument and one drum. Songs with no detail at all. You my friend have earned a spot in the top 30. You have the perfect amount of detail needed in a REAL song.

The only thing I would change really is the volume control. It's distorted. But I dunno if that was intentional.

Feel free to check out my song too. I'm also in the top 30 at #4.

DJPureSuffer responds:

Thanks for the review man!

Yeah, I could have done a better job with the mastering. that's never quite been my specialty by any means. lol. one day i'll get it down... eventually! XD

I will check out your song as well fellow top 30-er :D

Wow. I'm impressed

This is a true techno club song. It's happy, and yet has that piazzaz that a techno song needs.

I'm sorry it hasn't been getting the attention you're asking for. Perhaps you should promote yourself. Not necessarily to the audio forum, unless its in the audio advertisements thread. Try doing something that the Audio portal and Newgrounds will remember.

Great job dude. Tons of potential here. Dont waste it

The XTreme Gamer

DjClyme responds:

thanks ;)

Cool lyrics, but

Perhaps it would be more appropriate if you had made the beat yourself rather than just rip off the original. It would be cool if you had a good singer too. Simon Cowell would have a blast with this song, I know that much right now.

Perhaps this just isn't your calling. I'm sorry, but at least I'm honest.

I think it's cool

You've improved a lot since I last heard your works.

I really don't see much that you can improve on . . . maybe just bumping the bass a little more. But thats all I can see. nice work brutha


This one's a bit better than your first one

This one's still missing that little something but, you got a cool funky tempo in there. That's pretty unique, and that's essential in songwriting. Continue to work on it and I see you improving very quickly ^.^


DJPandaz responds:

Thank' to you !
I will make an other song this week and try to make something complete ;)


This isn't bad at all

Well now after listening to this the 8-bit one seems like a funny cool remix.

But here's the detail I was talking about in the last one. That's cool . . . and it sounds kinda russian too so it works for the flash.

Nice work on this


Whirlguy responds:

Ain't it? ;)

I'm sorry, I agree with IIPhase

Not with the 8-bit stuff, 8-bit stuff can actually be pretty good, but this lacks the detail. All it is is one instrument and drums. That's hardly a song.

But it's not that bad. Just missing a few things. I see a lot of potential here though, just work on it

Whirlguy responds:

Yeah I agree, that's why I decided not to upload it at first. That's just how it seems to work on NG, You can work your ass off on something great, but it's your effortless works that become popular...

Hey nice work!

Now here's something you don't see on Newgrounds every day. REAL music. Excellent detail, excellent riff, excellent drums, excellent flow, excellent everything.

You, my friend, have earned the weekly #1 spot. And a new fan. Oh, feel free to check out my song, it made weekly #3.

Congradulations again


EOT responds:

Thank you very much!:D Gonna check'em out now:D XD

Not bad

Gave you a 5. [3.87 / 5.00 (+ 0.071)]

But this could use a little more detail. It's pretty mellow. It's cool. I think this is a good mix of DnB and Ambience. Fantastic.


Box-Killa responds:

thanks man :D I 5ed ures too lol

Now here's a track I still need to remix.

Here I probably would've brought in the drums a little more. A little snare couldn't hurt. With that you probably could've created a better image. Add a little snare and you could probably tell the story that Sonic is climbing an epic mountain. Kinda like the training scene from Batman Begins, know what I mean?

I would've been a little more hardcore with this, but you did great nonetheless. Yeah, I could be a fan of yours. Excellent work.

Paul Stetich

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