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Wow . . . Thats cool

Im glad someone could remix this before I got to it, and Im workin my ass off here!

Great job!


You said this sucked.....

Now thats not true it is?

It sorta takes me back for some reason. Its a definite download though. This is awesome, yo


Feral-Fox responds:

heh thanks alot bud. Glade you gave it a download and listen. And thanks for a nice score, your to kind ^^ eh i talk badly about all my songs, people get anoyed by it, im usto puting myself down.

Waiting for you to make a new sonic remix lol.

~Feral Fox~

Put this in a flash

I wish it was....lollmaoroflmao


Yur theme, huh? It's actually unexpected, and that's cool.

It reminds me of the time I got my first haircut...man its been a while since I had one of those...lol.

I really liked it though. 5/5.

Rythim-Man responds:

I wonder if I should put an improved version up here, but it will sound exactly the same except slightly different reverb. I dont' think so, not until number 100.

Speaking of hair cut, I can't stand hair. When I get a half of an inch of hair I cut it off. It's just too much to manage for me. I actually need a hair cut right now but the barber shop is closed.

Most people don't listen to jazz, but that's alright.

This doesn't live up to the expectations of those who liked Detective Rythim Man. But also, remember that I actually made Detective Rythim Man AFTER The Rythim Man, so naturally it has a better structure.

They're similar because they use some of the same instruments and both were made for piano until the accompainements took over.

Loved it

I may have said in my ice cap that mine was the best, but there may be a tie....lol

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

na they are both good in different ways. urs stuck to the original slow pace feel and mine is well a.... fast lol. i always thought this song would sound great fast. i could have done a lot more with this song but ill do that with Zero Zone Act 2.

thanx for the review.

I like this....a lot

This is pretty cool....it a definate download

JesusSaves responds:

Haha, thanks. I'll drop you a review sometime.

....That's cool

I liked the talking in the beginning, and the song seemed Mystic. That's cool.

It is Japanese? It's a download.

Military-Mind responds:

Nah, man its plain english. just with some extra-heavy editing. lol, the talking in the begining was put in there to attract people, like when they first hear the song there like "WTF? I wanna hear this!" Thanks for the review dude, its cool to get reviews.

That was cool

I really liked it. It brings back a lot of nostalgia....I really miss that show, yo! I glad someone did this mix before I did...lol

Denta responds:

Heh, i want that show back too :'(

-=(Denta the Hedgehog)=-

Yo, that was TIGHT!

That made my day. The nylon guitars really made for great adventurous drums and strings. The dramatic volume was awesome, oh yes, this is probably the best thing Ive heard on the NG audio in like a year.

BTW My pet squirrel died.....he made for a delicious dinner....lol

-from the blue-chipper
Paul Stetich

Rythim-Man responds:

Interesting ... you eat squirrel.

Thanks for saying this is the bestt hing you've heard on NG.

Keep on keepin' on. Every song of yours is hot.

I dont see why

In the review you left me (sonic&knux Lava Reef), you said this was bad, but I actually liked it Im downloadinging it. Its pretty cool....

-from the blue-chipper

Rythim-Man responds:

I guess this isn't so bad, but I can do better.

Then again...I made this in one day ^_^

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