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Interesting.set-up :D

I thought this was totally cool, bro. Pumps me up, like I want to knock out Andross XD. But now I want to play this game. Great job.

You spelled harass wrong XD

You spelled it herass, which if a chick sees that and gets offended, that'd be sexual her ass ment.

And if you didnt want me to do this, you should have never stolen my music in the first place and talk smack about me and my stuff.

And I wont stop til I get an apology and a few 5 votes on my stuff :|

It serves you right dude. You're a dick, like what you eat. I want an apology, and you shall have absolution.


Pretty cool.

Ever been to Colorado's mountains? Well if not, this is pretty much what you'll hear in the springtime XD.

I like this dude. The choir vox in the background makes for the good feeling, however the synth that comes in at around 1 10 is almost perfect, but I think it could use a little more attack time/ more portamento (bend). Other than that, this song is pretty much perfect. Good job SBB.

I'll have new stuff up soon, hope to get good reviews. :D

hmm I could use some of those voice clips . . .

Wonder where you got them . . .

Pretty cool dude. Keep it up :D

flashman16 responds:

as soon as i get my cd repaired (or get a new onw) i can send them to you if you want.

i got them on Dance Ejay 2+

I'm gettin down to this :D

I can picture someoen dancing to this . . . and oh god wtf are they stripping for? OMG PUT SOME PANTS ON!!!!!

lol j/k great job

flashman16 responds:

funny ^^


Pretty sweet, bro.

Truly is the answer to many questions I have . . . but so is beer XD

Where have you been lol. Its been a while since I seen you round. Anyway, great work with the song. Keep it up, brozef. See you in the portal


I know this one lol

I always wanted to know what this was called. So heres my answer XD Thnx

Remix was awesome. Really liked the part at 53 sec. Keep on keepin on, bro.


Pretty good, brozef

And hey, good tribute to the one and only Ayatollah of rock n' rolla hedgehog on the face of the universe . . . even the parallel universe for that matter.


Stars certainly are shooting

Or maybe that's the electricity in the air. Great job broha.


Sounds cool.

Sounds sorta Megaman-ish. It's pretty cool, being this is your first attempt at techno, however this is more of rock than techno lol. Its still pretty cool, and ust might work.

Billtog responds:

Glad to hear you liked it. "Megaman-ish" is a compliment if I've ever heard one! Thanks for the review. Good luck with the contest.

Yo! Pauly B here, formerly Paul Stetich. Super Sonic fan, ex-indy wrestler, and Drum 'n Bass oriented musician. Just a guy chasing big dreams. Feel free to check out my music! Add me to your social media with links below! Catch you in the Audio Portal!

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