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That's pretty cool bro.

It makes it sound really mystic and cool. Like it really is a hidden palace.

Sounds kinda scary to walk in there, but knowing that this is a high level place I'd be a little scared too lol, Nice work


MajinD responds:

Thanks for the review. It's nice to know I did it well.

I'm gonna blast this through my car window

This fo shizzle is the shizzle. I'm so gonna blast this through downtown to see what happens XD

Not bad for a start

Since this is your first progression song, I'm sure it'll get better over time. Had a cool beat though. Keep on keepin on.


loogiesquared responds:

-I'll keep keeping on with the keeps of the keeps and the kee---wha?

Dude, fuckoin awesome

I personally never played Gyromite so I wouldn't know how the original is. Pretty cool song though ^.^

Hyper paced, Robot voices, and cool melody. What more is there to like about this?

4.15 / 5.00 (+ 0.22)

Listen to the robot folkes . . . awesome.


X-Infinity-Zero responds:

To tell ya the truth the original isnt that bad even tho it was made for the NES.

Thanks a lot man. glad u liked it.

oh and by the way R.O.B is Awesome.


Nice ^.^

Great job with this. This is probably the most advanced DNB Ive ever heard. Congrats dude.

Not bad for a start.

You'll get better as time goes by, I know it. But yeah, add a little more melody and it would be great.


Lets start the game

LOL j/k I thought it sounded good for a game show, or a Sonic level.

Good job bro

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks bro lol ye it doesnt sound like Chrome gadget from Sonic 3 so its called Chromeless lol

LOL I remember this actually

This is pretty good dude. Maybe a different synth after the minute mark would be good, it starts to get a little ringy if you know what I mean lol, but overall this was a great piece and its a shame that the 0-fairy immaturity of NG brings us down lol.

Meh I voted 5

4.64 / 5.00 (+ 0.31)

Woah, that was big. Good luck bro.


ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks man! I actually did use a different synth at the 1:00 mark. Maybe it's ringy cause it's just really high. I dunno. I don't particularly care too much about the zero bombers. I don't really trust the score system anyway. Most people don't even bother listening to the whole song before they rate. But anywho, thanks for the review.

Pretty sweet, man

THis sounds like something that would just make one just float away in symphonial trance, that makes it big and dreamy. I use it when I want to float away in symphonial trance.

And I have no idea what I'm saying right now,

But great job makin this song. ^.^


DjEpic responds:

thx :) vary much

Interesting.set-up :D

I thought this was totally cool, bro. Pumps me up, like I want to knock out Andross XD. But now I want to play this game. Great job.

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