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Oh my god that was funny as hell

You should do more. XD


Finally some driving music to rock out to . . . or something to come out to as an indy-wrestler! Which i just might! I hope its ok with you though.

Either way, god job.



That was awesome funny! Finally I have something i can drive to! lol. I wonder if I blast it in my car, what will people say "I found some rice, it was nice" This guy sure oves his rice.

So serene . . .

Now this I can masturbate . . . I mean meditate to XD

The long anticipated Ice Cap remix is finally here! Its so serene and cool. This sure beats the hell out of PX9's, but not mine XD kidding. Nice work, dude.


OMG you are SO funny!

You are so hilarious, using my username like that to leave your own review . . . roflomg so fuckin funny . . .

this song sucked too, so how bout that? Too elementary, even DragonsGreif made a better song . . . and all hers is is an airplane flying by.

If I were you, I'd give up making music, you are getting no-where in life and its not like anybody likes you anyway.

Good day, good luck, get high, go fuck

Rock 'n Roll, dude!

That was pretty fantabulific if I say so myself. The lyrics really bring out the melody of the instrumentals. This was great.

Also I agree with the guy below me, this was sexy XD

Feral-Fox responds:

Thanks also, i will have to review your track also. Thanks for a review :)

Pretty sweet d00d!

Yeah, fast-paced music, gotta love it man!

It's also got some mysticity in there. I can see why this is diamond track material. congrats on that dude.


cornandbeans responds:

yeah, I was really excited when I saw that. :D It's a big achievement for me; I can remember how difficult it was to even get a gold track when I was starting off.

Thanks. :D

Damn right I'm partying hard!

Dude 3 weeks to make this? I'd say it paid off, just hope the newgroundsaholics would agree with me.


Sorry to say man, but there's nothing here. I tried refreshing the page and everything. Thus the low score, but don't worry. I'm a cool guy, so I won't vote out of 5.

Try reposting it. Every time something goes wrong with my tracks I just repost them.

Good day, good luck, get high, go f***

Rucklo responds:

streaming bug, it´s downloadable...


I could listen to it all day, and every time it loops it feels cooler lol.

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