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Thats badass man

The instruments you chose were perfect. I would've put in a cool transition before the 1:13 mark but other than that this was pretty much perfect.

You have a great potential to become something big. Keep workin' on it. I know you'll make a name for yourself here on Newgrounds. What I would do if I were you . . . promote, promote, promote. Not necessarily in the Newgrounds Audio Forum, they're dicks there for the most part, but I can probably help with that.

Excellent job with this. I actually kinda felt a little fuzzy inside.

Paul Stetich


So here's what happened. I saw the title of this song and I thought , , , Hallucination, hmm . . . so I got stoned and listened.

TRIPPY ASS SHIT DUDE!!!!!!! Really chill. I like this a lot.

The only problem I see with this song is the volume control. It's distorted (although it could be the crappy ass speakers I have).

I liked the Simpsons clips you put in. Those were cool.

Congrats on making it in the top 5. This earned it


TimmyDope responds:

LOL yeah i often write the songs stoned :P Its not distorted i think it is your speakers, nothing went over peak level..... i monitor that sort of stuff :) Thanks for the feedback! keep Sm0k!n


So many problems with this one

And yes I know that this is going to be marked abusive cause it's biased . . .

The intro was a little awkward. The timing was not even at all.

Once the techno started kicking in it was a bit cooler.

The notes were kinda wrong, don't know if that was intentional or not and if it was then kudos for originality.

But overall there was still not very much detail. It's just basic stereotypical Newgrounds song with one or two instruments and a drum.

I'm sorry, but this does not deserve the weekly #1 spot at all.


JohnnyFrizz responds:

Oh Im so sorry dude, I guess you could have done it A LOT much better 3 years ago.

Why don't you make one to show us how it should be done ;D

Yo bro.

This is pretty cool. You should definately try to see if you can work for SEGA. That's my ultimate goal, and I have a few contacts. I usually don't admit this but you probably have a better chance than I do. XD

But really, you got talent. I guess my favorite part would have to be from 1:50 to the end.

Metaljonus responds:

I would fucking love to work for SEGA It would be great. Me and you should work together and get into SEGA. :) hehe


This is pretty cool

I didn't first hear this on Newgrounds. My friend did, I dunno if he left a review or not (DarthApocalypse).

He's had this song on his mp3 player for about a year now and this song actually takes me back. I didn't think it would.

What I would change: It's a tad elementary. Try adding some more details to it, perhaps some more bass or something, some other background instrument. Otherwise it just ends up sounding like typical Newgrounds audio.

But overall, great job!


Pretty cool for an accident

Pretty accurate, but a very nice remix. Woot woot. Perfect end to a perfect year, eh?


Canada. Eh?

Well, I downloaded this song a long time ago. I forgot the name of it, but I'm SO glad I finally found it again. I'm favoritizing it now so that doesnt happen again.

This one is just so relaxing and good to drive to. Or just plain dance. This is a definate fave. Congrats man.


Quite peaceful

Really peaceful and relaxing. What game's this from, cause it sounds so familliar. I'm gonna guess Zelda.

Anyway the flow was perfect, the composition was very nice. For your first, this was AWESOME. Keep it up.


Valfore-X-1 responds:

Wow, thank you, that is very generous of you.

The original piece is called To Zanarkand by Nobuo Uematsu

Tis always cool to try new things.

I still do it. I been making music for about 3 years now and I'm STILL learning new things about my program.

But this is a pretty nice loop. Something that just grabs attention and says "Hey! I'm not wasting your time!"



Nicely done

The melody was pretty good in this one, hard to not get stuck in my head.

I mean it. It's diggin into my brain and eating out the back of my eyes.

LOL jk. Nicely done. Congrats


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