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There's really not much detail until like 2:45 into it. I'm sorry, this is a little flavorless.

But this is your first track. At least you have some of the elements needed to make quality songs, now all you need is variety and POOF! a song. Try again.


MagiKnight responds:

Thanks Man, Actually I'm Working on improving this track, 'cause it only has a Lead but no Synth or Construction Melody or something like that, and yes, hehe, it's not quite detailed, but thanks, you critic is really good.

P.D. Of course im going to improve it, n_n.


A whole month in the portal and NOBODY voted on this?

Well that's how sick Newgrounds is . . .

It's really cool dude. Like something I would hear at the local rave. You should be proud


Ah yes I remember this.

Pretty cool. Just add a dark room with laser lights flashing every now and then and it's perfect. LOL

But fo' real though, this is cool.


Nav responds:

It's junk, haha

You know what would be cool?

Make it a longer song.

My dad can play this song too

That's cool. I always loved this song, AND Satriani. I sometimes go to his concerts. He's one of the most badass guitar players ever.

Damn dude!

This is great. Seriously, I don't say this often, but you should think about doing this for a career. I know good music when I hear it. What the fuck are you doing on Newgrounds? You gotta try to get in the big times dude! Fo' real! I don't hear too much of this on Newgrounds. You should seriously look into doing this for a living.


DjKirb responds:

Thanks Stetty, that means a lot Bud.

Awesome. This is totally the best of the three

But . . . it could use a little more bass enthusiasm if you know what I mean. Just bring it out more and it's perfect. You got quite some talent man. Good luck in your future endeavors


Word homie

This ain't bad at all. And it's completely accurate. I love how everything flows in this song. It's so smooth. Every instrument choice is perfect. All the details are there.

My friend, you are indeed a talented musician.

Not bad

Time extension and added detail wouldn't hurt

Wow, fuckin' wow.

Yo man, this is probably the most badass shit I've ever heard. THe asian style is pretty damn cool. I tried that shit once, and I heard some other people try. But this is probably the coolest utilization I've heard of it. Congrats man

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