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Hahaha I see what you did there XD. I quite enjoyed this actually. Especially the second half. And I liked the selection you used for your instruments. Very DOOM like. The one thing I would suggest is to make your drums a little more pronounced. They were kinda quiet at times. Other than that, this is pretty awesome. Keep at it!

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Yeah, I did note that. That was really the only thing aside from the lack of mastering that I was dissatisfied with. Thankfully it's been about two and a half years since I've done this, so I have that much more experience. On top of that and my ~9 total years of experience, I've two absolute fucking diamonds of music professors over here at Mt. SAC, among the plethora of diamond professors I already have.

Really glad you liked it, man! People like you are what inspired me to get into music to begin with! 2009 may have been my worst year creatively (which, duh, that was my first time doing anything music related), but I've definitely improved in leaps and bounds since then, especially in the two years following.

I'll probably do a remaster of this within the next few months; right now, I have three separate projects I'm actively working on, including a cover of Goukisan's Betrayal of Fear, as well as an original piece inspired by my perpetually-burning black hole of fury that is my hatred of GTA Online's Oppressor bike. Seriously, fuck that thing and the people who use it. I can't count, nor be bothered to so much as try to count, how many times I've been blown up by that machination of Satan alone.

Please do keep an eye on me! I may be working my way out of a second slump, but I'll recover my streak eventually.

Thanks for the review!

Insane! You got it right on the dot and even made it unique. You've got good volume balance. I gotta say this earned its spot on the Audio FrontPage. Good work, keep it up!


Interesting set. This has a lot of potential. It's probably just taste but i feel like it could've been longer. I was into it. Keep it up dude! 5/5, 9/10


XenonMusic responds:

Thanks, PaulyB! I really try to make my songs long, but I can really never get a song past 3 mins.

Huh. I never knew you dabbled XD

Not bad for a first. At least it was accurate, and you mixed it up a little bit with the drums and timing. That's interesting. That part astound 2:15 scared the Bekeezus out of me. No worries. Sometimes volume control is difficult. It's almost a constant struggle. But for a first, not bad at all.

Tarnish responds:

Lol, thanks. It wasn't actually the first time I messed around with trying to make a remix, but the first and only time I felt it ever got anywhere. Obviously the mastering is pretty much non-existant since I barely knew what the hell I was doing, but I'm happy with the composition part of it. Especially since I know nothing of music theory and stuff, lol.

Us Sonic remix guys gotta stick together XD

I like this. Its a bit calmer than the original so its a interesting twist. I do think you've captured the right feel. I like the trumpets. Little retro but very pronounced and clarified. I do think there's a little lack of detail as far as harmony, but that's just a taste thing really. Other than that you've got good balance of volume and everything flows well. Keep at it!

4.5 *s, 5/5 vote


Howdy! Here's your R4R review!

I must say I'm impressed! This is the kind of DnB I like! Soft elegant intro right into the drop. And what a drop. The pianos are very well set up. Good rhythm. I can definitely see why you named this the way you did. You must have had good inspiration to come up with something like this. I love it. I'm definitely giving it a 5-vote and maybe even a download

5TanLey responds:

thanks my dude

I like it for a demo. Really could do something with it. I'm feeling a bit of a deep dark vibe from this. Perhaps it's the reverb. It seems to drag a little bit. Totally understandable, it can be hard to get just right sometimes. If only i did have an electric guitar. I have electronic midi lol. Pretty neat either way. Everything was smooth and the flow was right. Really kinda chill. Keep at it

ADR3-N responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, had a bit of an ominous feeling. Was inspired by a scripture that came to mind when I thought about how most of the world is under the thumb of masons and other luciferians who may or may not participate in cannibalism, human sacrifice, and various other nefarious things. I may revisit it.

Also, not just looking for specific instruments. If you felt like programming something, I'd be game.


Automatically I was hooked. The guitar and MIDI combination? And the MIDI kinda does sound spooky. For some reason, Pokémon Tower comes to mind, with all the Ghastly. I feel that the bass drum could be a bit heavier. I didn't exactly pinpoint it, but there's a synth that comes in around 3:30 that's pretty cool. Sounds very popcorny. XD That has potential. This has a pretty cool running away vibe to it throughout. Liked the portamento play at 5:20. Last 30 seconds was unique. We need more of that nowadays.

Overall the flow was very good. I would space out sometimes in a trance, so to say. Keep rockin it, Roxy!

9/10, 5/5

Honestly I was expecting a lot less. For an unfinished track this definitely blows other WIPS I've heard here on NG right out of the water. I love the flow of this one and the riff setup. Keep at it. I would definitely like to hear the finished product. Try to add more detail to the bass


Not bad. I like this chill kinda deep vibe. You wrote the lyrics, i presume. Always a good skill to have. I will say, i think a little reverb or echo with the voice would've helped. You're not that bad of a singer too. But the best part is just how well everything connected together, which is what makes a song a song.

Keep it up. Me likey

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! I agree about adding reverb to the vocals - I need to get better at mixing them. And I did write the lyrics, yes. :) Thanks again!

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