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Doom 2 - The Pit

This isn't bad. The game is Doom 2 and the song is from the level, The Pit

AetherFlaer responds:



It's funny cause it's true, that's how they act.

Too basic

Try using a better selection of instruments . . .

But hey what do I know, this has been used in a lot of entries already.

Wow man

This is pretty deep stuff. I think that the music goes perfectly with the poetry. I like every bit of it. And best of all, as Cyberdevil said, this is much different than anything I hear here on Newgrounds. You should be proud.

Well there's my answer lol

Awesome dude. Everything is pretty good about it, the quality, the diversity, the detail. And as for the lyrics, short sweet and to the point. Not bad dude. Not bad.

Now GET TO FUCKING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



LOL cool

Not bad for a start. Try adding in a few more melodic instruments. But the detail is perfect. I can't wait for the finished project.

This kinda gives it a "Oh shit, get me outta here!!!" feeling, which would probably work in a war-related flash. I still think it's funny that you remixed this song lol.

MagiKnight responds:

Thanks man, i'll try it, n_n, in fact, that "feeling" was the main idea, XD.
And of course i thought in a really deep bass techy-hard mix for this.
(if you see the parameters in bass freq, you will piss on yourself, lol)

Thanks, and ill finish it as soon as this PC can render it, XD.

Yeah it's better than your last

But it still feels like a little something is missing. It's great that you at least mixed it up a little bit. And it's a lot better than just one note over and over again. I really don't know what it is. Perhaps it's the tensity.

In a way, anyway. You demonstrated great tensity buildup from around 1:58 to 2:46 but hen 2:47 hit I felt that all that buildup and suspension was wasted. It just wasn't too tense after that. You should've added much more to the drums at that point like a few cymbals and claps or something.

But granted, it was way better than the first one. You're getting there dude. Keep at it

MagiKnight responds:

Thanks Man, I didnt realized about that, maybe the missing part is another lead, or an upper melody or something more exciting, which is your advice? What kind of synths should i use in your opinion?, after all, did you like the track? hehe, thanks Man.

Typical Newgrounds crap

Perhaps it would help to throw in an actual instrument and more than one drum. I'm sick and tired of looking for stuff on Newgrounds and finding this bullcrap.

Advice: Either learn music or stop trying. Hate to sound like a dick, but . . . well it's already been said.

Me too. Only problem is . . .

You gotta get them drunk enough first. Usually.

Excellent work. Could use a little more variety though in the beginning. But what I love about this one is that every sound, every instrument, flows well with every other instrument. It's clean, it's crisp, and it's catchy. And at the same time it's the funniest shit anyone can put into a song

You oughta try performing at clubs man. Just sayin


You have officially made my faves list

Dude, you have the very thing I don't hear on Newgrounds a lot. Talent. What pisses me off is that nobody votes on your stuff, or even listens to it.

You gotta promote man. Try to get people to listen to it (just avoid the NG Audio Forum, that's a deathtrap). This is really good stuff!


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