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I entered too. There's a wide spread of competition out there. I tried my best. I have no regrets.

Lol, Pokemon reference

For real though good luck to all

ChronoNomad responds:

Good luck to all, indeed. And hey, thanks for dropping a quick review! Much appreciated.

Will you travel across the land, searching far and wide? Pokémon references FTW!

Something told me that FatRat was here on Newgrounds. Although to be honest, I was introduced to you through Pandora. Now THAT'S an acheivement. Good work bro. I'm a fan

Pretty neat loop. It's peaceful. No drums either. Sometimes if you use it right it can be great. You did just that. Ending sounds unfinished that's it

ConceptSama responds:

no i just fished it the full one is up on soundcloud

Not bad. There seems to be an unbalance with the drums and the rest of it. Try playing with volumes a little. I know, it's hard to get it just right. It sounded more classical than rock to me. It was pretty cool. Keep at it

ThaliaSolari responds:

Thanks for your opinion!

Not bad. I like how you have just enough detail for the song, ie bass, melody, harmony, background, the only thing I could say is more variety to the drums. I do love how they were very gradual in buildup parts. But something feels missing from the main spots. Probably cause the drums only worked in 8ths. Maybe fool around with some 16ths and see what you can do. This wasn't bad overall. I wish my 4-vote didn't effect the result THAT much, but nothing i can do with a 5.5x voting power. Keep at it

GR-XG responds:

It is the best that I can do :/ FL Studio is so complicated for me and I can't make the song better... But thank you anyways :) Maybe one day I'll try again. Maybe...

I'd put it in a movie. It sounds like the psyche up scene in Kick Ass when Hitgirl and Kick Ass are about to take on the mafia tower. Very nicely done

On that note, Long time no see Peter. Glad you're still around

EvilRaccoon responds:

Yeah spot on! That's the exact same tune in a different key made by John Murphy. Thanks for the score and review! Yeah, I'm around...sometimes. ;)

Drink up me hearties yoho!

Zeupar asked you too huh? Awesome

I liked this. A song like this deserves a rock n roll touch up. Well done. Needed to be blended together better start with the drum combinations. That's no big deal. Just trying to leave a fair review. I hope you do the same for me. Good job

Pretty good stuff here. And honestly the first dubstep Sonic I've heard. All I'd say is have a little more happening before the drop

Vespar responds:

Not much to work with when it comes to the melody lol.

Very nicely done. I do think you could've worked a better finish in there. But the jazzy feeling made this one smooth. Keep it up

Yo! Pauly B here, formerly Paul Stetich. Super Sonic fan, ex-indy wrestler, and Drum 'n Bass oriented musician. Just a guy chasing big dreams. Feel free to check out my music! Add me to your social media with links below! Catch you in the Audio Portal!

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