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Deep voice: Ooooooh yeah. Funky smoooooooooooth music

Burner98 responds:

Funkeh !


Dang man. You've all but improved over time! I'm so glad you're still rockin out and going places! This was really adrenaline-pumping, gets me hyped for what I'm gonna be handling next. I suppose that's appropriate, for a Vs. battle scene. The last minute reminds me of, like, if Clint Eastwood movies were more metal (I mean, they kinda already are lol).

Keep it up brother! You're doing great!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, dude! I've been working hard on my songwriting, guitar playing and mixing for the last few years. A lot more to come! Thanks for listening! \m/

Throwback. This was one of my first Newgrounds downloads. I'm so happy I've found this one again! I've been taking a trip to my past to find all these

Is Simon by chance an enemy of Crash Bandicoot? Cause if so, this music would totally fit a Crash boss battle or mini-boss or something like that. The last two minutes are really intense. It's like the pinch of the battle. Love what you did with the percussion there.

Keep up the good work!

ADR3-N responds:

You know, I've never actually played Crash. Seen a few clips or watched over someone's shoulder. I'll have to go give it a listen. Thanks <3

Clearly you've put so much work in to this! It's been a while since I've heard an original Christmas track mixed in with an existing one.

My favorite aspect of this whole thing was how it started easy and quiet then added a little beat to it as it went on. It makes things more interesting

Congrats on this! It's amazing!

Troisnyx responds:

Aaaaa thank you so much <3 I wanted to channel the wonder and longing first before rousing the heart with the drum, so it'd start quiet at first. Spadez really set the tone perfectly with that intro section, I can't thank him enough.

You my friend have mastered the bass synth effects. Keep at it! It's sounding really amazing

I also gotta point out that your equalizing is near perfect! Not too little, but not too much bass, along with a good treble balance.

I'm getting very 80's-like vibes from this, and it feels really unique in a way. It's a pretty cool feeling actually

Glad to see you're still at it Alice! <3 Hope you're doing well.

I'm gonna play this at my wedding XD

This sounds like an Adult Swim text intro at a coffee shop. It's pretty chill. the vibes were an excellent touch. Nice work brother, per uzhe

DreamEater responds:

Damn bro thank you!

I get all giddy anytime someone compares my stuff to Adult Swim bumps ;.;
That's pretty much all I've wanted for years now <3


Yo! Pauly B here, formerly Paul Stetich. Super Sonic fan, ex-indy wrestler, and Drum 'n Bass oriented musician. Just a guy chasing big dreams. Feel free to check out my music! Add me to your social media with links below! Catch you in the Audio Portal!

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