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Pretty cool

You got the right idea I love how the instruments blend with each other

But its a bit short and seems cut off. Perhaps you should add onto it, perhaps this isn't the final project.

Cam3leon responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. But naw it's not done, still a Work In Progress (WIP) right now. I just put up what I have so far, to give you all an idea of the direction I'm going in :)

Ok you got the right idea.

I like how you structured it. It does have that cool "hip" beat, it's got a bit of detail. But unfortunately the instrument selection ain't the best. And I'm not gonna be a hippocrate, cause I do the same thing and I know it lol. But it sounds like the program you're using is uber-retro. New program/equipment needed, eh? Again, I'm the same way. I use some program from 2006. Kinda sad yeah but I been broke for the longest time. XD

Keep it up. I'm likin what I hear


BallinFatty responds:

right now i'm using FL studio 8, sadly, its only the demo version. i have no idea where/how to get a legit copy, plus, im pretty broke too. i try to make do with what i got. this is one of my older tracks. i honestly have no idea how this is the most popular of all my tracks. i have lots of songs out there that are way better than this.

what program do you use?? the quality of what i heard so far surpasses mine by a long shot

anyways, thanks for the review, 9, and your time in listening. oh yea, and you probably figured it out, but this is the song that refered me to yours...

Must be a good school

This really does sound like something I'd hear in a club. I'm gonna be doing stuff like that soon myself. It's a good start man. Gonna finish it?

DjKirb responds:

Yeah bro ^^. I'm just trying to get the first song finished first. (the rhythm you hear at the start)

Just a preview?

Keep workin on it ho0mes! I'm loving it so far!


Good potential, but kinda bland

Not bad for a first but I think it has much much more potential for expansion. It's a bit basic, but that's normal for first times. Try adding other instruments and different patterns and you got yourself a song. Definitely has need for bass at least

NuNoPT responds:

Im trying out other instruments but i need to get some sense of rhythm, i wasn't very good with the bass so it kinda sucked more with it. It's the best i could do with 3 days of having FL Studio, and in my opinion im really really happy.
Glad u had the time to review it.



Wow. This is great! Seems you keep improving every time you remix this song. There is nothing I can say you need to improve on here. The song structure is great, the patterns and instrument choice, they all flow together. This is by far one of the best I've ever heard on Newgrounds, and that's on my skin, guy! Nice work!


X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Thanks man!

It really means a lot to hear from the sonic guru.

Im glad u liked it :)


This aint bad

The beginning was a little bland but it kicked up. I like the interlude at 1:58, and the comeback at 3:00. My suggestion for the ending would probably be to do what you did in the beginning and just let it ring out. But this was pretty good.


Not bad, not the best

Didn't like the beginning very much. Too bland. But I did like the distorted bass guitar that started at 0:27. From there on it was pretty good until the ending. Maybe it's just the choice of instruments.

Meh this was earlier in your Newgrounds career, I'm sure you've learned a lot since then. This wasn't too bad just keep at it man


AetherFlaer responds:

Thanks for the tips. I'll work on it!

Aint bad

It seems a little too basic. Maybe a little more detail couldn't hurt. But the songs got good structure. I really don't know what else I can say about it lol

ganon95 responds:

well, it is a bit basic, but you'd be surprised how many subtle sounds there really are

i tried adding as much as i could, super-detailed layering isn't my strong point in music production =P

Pretty cool!

I like the style. You guys are pretty good.

I really don't know what to say about it, everything is well developed, good structure, good sound. I like it


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