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I love experimenting like that

And sometimes it turns out as cool as this one did. And seems to fit the style too. Congrats bro, you should celebrate.


Hades responds:

Thanks, dude! Good to hear you liked it!

I did that?

Wow. Didn't know that my music really inspired but this is proof. I really like this mix. It's different, but then again that's my style.

I'm soon gonna be done taking requests . . . my last song, Shadow - Westopolis, didn't do so well. I come to realize, what's the fun in making a remix you dont want to make? But I guess whatever works.

You should celebrate man. A job well done


Not exaggerated, not biased

This is probably the BEST starfox remix I've ever heard here on NG. Hell, pretty much anywhere. Well mixed, the clips from SF64 were a nice touch, and remixing the original SF tracks . . . by far, the BEST SF mix ever.\


Thats cool man. ^.^

It sounds really professional. Nuff said.


5.00 / 5.00 (unchanged)

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback, it's greatly appreciated! And since you're becoming a pro-wrestler maybe I could make an entrance theme for ya :P


Didn't find too many things wrong with this. it seems a little distorted somehow, like I dunno if its supposed to be or not, I'm not much into DnB myself, but It was pretty cool start. Keep goin. Cant wait for the final result.


Nice one

Not too bad. You could take the delay off if you wanted but that would take away the drama of the song. I like it how it is. Can't wait for the final


TheBellmaker responds:

Thanks for the review man. The final is going to have to wait for a while though, because I just had a burst of inspiration....

Sounds like LOTR

Lord of the rings? What am I saying? Lords of the bling.

This was awesome dude. The melody was pretty much perfect, the drums in it were great, not a thing i wold change about this song at all. Celebrate bro.


Zajed responds:

to be honest
i would change so many things in it if i would have the equipment that i need, and you can thank
K-Dm for the awesomness lol, because he started it all

thanks alot for the review we appreciate it

Pretty interesting bro.

You put some pretty original stuff in here, original patterns, and I havent heard many songs with 100% synths. It's a cool change.

It's a tad basic in the beginning, but hey who has time to figure out every single thing the songs have in them. You still did awesome job.


3.96 / 5.00 (+ 0.28)


CrUiZ3R responds:

Sweet, the best Sonic remixer gave me kudos. MY JOB IS DONE!!!Thanks for the review mate. It means so much to me. And if i had 5 weeks more, I'd probably get even more detail in some parts.


Tis a pretty cool DNB loop.

Its just a preview still right? Cant wait for the full version ^.^


This is pretty good

It's pretty distorted though, but you dont have many songs up yet. Youll get the hang of it soon. I agree with Jet too. I liked the part at 18 sec - 30 sec the most. You did good bro. Keep it up


MajinD responds:

Thanks. I know it isn't the best, but it's better than my other attempts at a guitar remix (I think my ears were actually bleeding in one). I'll keep on improving.

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