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Very hardcore bro

Good for a battle fucking scene. I could see this being used soon hopefully.

oh and BTW . . . .

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


Pretty good bro

Only reason its not a 10 is cause its distorted to fuck. I'm sure you were having volume troubles though. I do all the time lol. Still cool though, you should check out my remix of Sonic 2 Mystic Cave XD


midas-industries responds:

i ve made a new one wth better quality its called mystic caves two take a listen plz


OK, I done think you are allowed to post stuff you just find. You have to make it.

Woah! That's cool!

Hell It hasnt even gotten to the 50 sec mark yet and its a 10/10 and a 5/5 by my standards. Good job bro!


LOL Pirates

I could actually picture a pirate raid here . . . ARGH BE WARY< MATEY< FOR WE BEAR DEATH UPON YE ALL! LOL!

Aight bro, I guess theres nothing really to improve on, . . . . . . yeah I cant think of anything. Great work


Everlasting-Elements responds:

It was just something to play with. I worked Semi hard on it.

Thanks. I'll review you, soon!

Are you serious?

Dude, you got fucking first of all time? Well bro, you should celebrate. How bout you and I take the limo downtown and we can hook ourselves up with some babes . . .

. . . or we can take my crappy Toyota 4-runner and go to a bar XD

Good song bro


This is great dude!

It took me a while to review it cause my computer broke down, This is pretty good I can actually see Sonic rushing to get somewhere. Good job


Gorekiller responds:

Hey, Thanks PaulStetich ! Glad you liked this piece ! You know it was only a bunch of old MIDI samples, so it doesn't sound so great now, cuz I have Guitar Pro 5 and better equipment. Thanks for the review, mate !


Pretty cool . . .

Think you took it a little too easy on the drums, but I like how it gets faster around the 54 sec mark. And OMG I better finish this review, cause being that my dad's a fucking asshole telling me to get to bed so I can look for a job (psht, parynts) So overall, it was cool enough.


HouseMasta responds:

Wow, definately didnt expect a review from you! Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.

It's pretty cool, bro

Sup, Forum Faggot! lol, kidding.

This song is cool in many ways. First off, I like how you switch the velocity of the drums and instruments up and down like that. Makes for a really cool techno song. The key change at 44 sec is pretty cool. Also when the tempo declines starting at 1 13, then another velocity change, which is pretty cool. Sorta makes MY program look like dog shit in a chinese buffet. Great work, bro.


Everlasting-Elements responds:

Well, if you use FL, then you can do this.
I like the song and all.
Thanks for the review.

Jya mudda fuckas!

How do you add those effects to your phone? I want to do that sometime

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