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Not bad at all . . .

Kinda wish I had what it took to be in flash . . . unfortunately nobody agrees with me but screw them.


MKFP-lennychuckles responds:

Milanocrew agrees

Awesome yo!

Yo B, that was pretty f***in funny, and in Robot Chicken stye, how could I refuse? Keep it up yo!

FrozenSheep responds:

Chickens give me nightmares.. and robots give erections so combined together give me very scary erections

Don't listen to jerks like that last dude

Unfortunately, Pwn0d has no idea what cool is.

I'm actually glad this is at #1 because it has great graphics and storyline like somethin from a camping story only better. (yes I am an outdoorsman)

Yo. Check it. The graphics seem Disneylike . . . I hear you work for them. This is in #1 spot man celebrate. I'd give this a 16.5/10 if I could but I cant so now that I said that, yu know what I think.

Must-see folks! Reminds me of my mother (god rest her soul) and the spirituals she would perform. Awesome


Team Badger done it again

Hell ya, 10s across the board, although how could 5 peeps have worked on just that alone, but that should be on my desktop.





It's one of those things where you don't want it to be blammed, but it's so bad that it has to be . . . I mean come on! Even my 10-year-old neighbor thought this was retarded! But yet it's so addicting . . . Why do you torture me with this addictiveness?


Wow . . . you're right!

There are a lot of anti-pokemon, but the video has a really high score, well maybe Tom sees both sides of it all, he made the antipokemon page for antipokemoners, but then again ya there are a lot of propokemoner flashes, and needless to say they are GREAT! But of course, there is API standing in the way of your theory,

you see as long as API is around, there will still be anti-pokemon movies, and as long as they are on Tom's good side, Tom will think the same.

You see, you and me can form a faction, and Anitantipokemon dude can join too, we can put an end to all this scum. Just holla back.

-Paul, NG superstar

Where can I find this song?

That was great you should post on NG audio. I want this.
lol peace


...woah, uh...

Im confused on the zelda part . . .

It's really late, it's like 3 am so Im probably not thinking right but,

Well you made it so link and tails can teleport but didnt they have to have that item . . . Cant remember what its called (lol Im wasting my time) . . . uh, . . . :D


RupeeClock responds:

Dude, Link turned into different colours and did things he couldn't do anyway...

Once again Fat Badger . . . you did it again

I liked ZekeySpaceLizard's too, that actually made me jump.
And the Akira music was cool.


Rock . . . and . . . ROLL!

This is one of the best things I ever seen, dude you know your stuff. I so cant wait to see what happens next, yo!


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