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Probably is the best one.

It's cool, and its something you have to watch over and over and over and over and over and over but I dont know 1486 times still may not be enough lol. Congrats yo.

Lord-Sonx responds:

the more you watch, the lower your IQ goes!


This is for every pijclownjew out there, no matter where you are and what your pijclownjew is. LOL


That was awesome . . . hmm, the score should be higher than it is . . . that arranged can be.

MKFP-lennychuckles responds:

wow thunks

Awesome, just awesome yo!

!0's across the board . . . I love the Sonic Swordsman series . . .

(sigh) too bad it isnt in DVD form, but this works as well.

Seriously, if you made a DVD of all the episodes, I'd totally buy it, and I'm sure that other peeps around newgrounds would definitely agree.



That was awesome man, you re-define cool.

Bring Back Badger

lol It was good overall but Do me a favor and BRING BACK BADGER!!!!!! lmaoz


Brick-Toppp responds:

bagers back


That was a little more upsetting than a drunk lady without a job (my brother)

10's across the borad yo!

LMFAO Consider me a big fan lol.

Couple things I noticed that were . . . cool.

SBC anc B lol that was completely random but tahts what cool is.

And who doesn't like Leeroy Jenkins? Haha, theres at least +6 on sound and +5 on style, lets see . . .

Lock Legion with Knux, that was cool. Knux rules!!!

Then of course there is newgrounds, where all clocks (such as me also) are discriminated against lol. Haha! +8 to violence, +6 to style, +9 more to sound . . . wait, that makes overall like 12.5 or something . . . COOL!

And of course there is the ending part, but the one thing I dont get is how Rupee lost his temper . . . lol

Peace out

RupeeClock responds:

I just wasted a load of time delivering presents, what's not to get? :P

Yo, dont listen to that last dude

That Andrew guy . . .

"meh meh meh, Im still a noob hahaha"

First off, nobody admits that unless they get pwned by me, rupee, or anybody from the Stetich Squad, or hell every jobber in the BBS.

Anyway, back to this flash . . .

It was cool! It reminded me of the Godfather, and besides, what else? It's ZELDA!!!

Peace out yo!

RupeeClock responds:

That Andrew idiot got banned anyway, so it doesn't matter. :)

Anyhow, glad you liked it.

awesome yo!

lol everything was so true, especially the pokemon . . . thats right its a man's game!!!

lmao Sonic's ass was bleeding . . . I saw this on video google, I cant help but wonder what youd say to the reviews that THEY leave lol


RupeeClock responds:

Well I can't really, they have no response system, lol.

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