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ROFL wow

Aint this a coincidence . . . I'm making something just like this with the same movie but only different . . . though mines probably not gonna turn out as good as yours lol. Im cryin from laughin so hard XD

Great work, bro



If theres one thing I dont like its flashes that were made to whine about stuff. Im sorry, its just I hate whiny flashes.


What is it with you and penis? Don't make me go over there and go Jackie Chan on you lol

Andy Milonakis LOL

Reminded me of that show . . . . . awkward in a way lol

LOL finally a clockmix of this!

Rock in Roll bros!


Julien K is my idol

Hey Jennifer, good job making the gun.

Aw whatever, not like youd see my comment anyway XD


Its fine

i beleive you bro. This was pretty funny stuff anyway.

rofl aint that the truth dudes.

There u have it. btw i was that one dude who rooted for Shadow when the island almost blew up . . . somehow I made it out alive, I cant remember I think I did some sort of dance move like in them DBZ toons . . . .either way the good thing is Im alive XD

Great job dude.


Turned out great!

Although I wouldve done better if my dad didnt think I was a total weirdo in voice acting and such. Pretty much itd be better if my dad wasnt a bitch.

At least it turned out awesome!

Lets do that again sometimt XD



It was pretty cool, but it could use a few things, like I would for starters add some speech bubbles, that always works. The Tails thing does seem awkward, but in a good way. It's like I'm guessing Sonic will come back down, Tails is dying or whatever, lol.

Good use of my music too. It scared the shit out of me when it suddenly played really loud at the end during the credits lol.

Cant wait for the sequel!


DND-Productions responds:

Thanks for the good review, glad you liked my use of your music.
In the sequel, there will be some speech to help clarify the story, and yes, Sonic does have some part to play in #2.

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