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Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon?

Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon, Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon?

SirCannabisClock responds:

Kevin Bacon.


Why is it that he claims to have an IQ of 300 and yet this shit continuies to happen?

Bravissimo, brutha. You did pretty damn well with this flash.

The XTreme Gamer
Paul Stetich

Anco6900 responds:

Guess he just has the IQ for bragging rights... although it doesn't seem to be doing him much good now a days :/
Thanks man! Can't wait to finally release something with my new tablet though. Keep up the awesome music!

Now THAT'S funny shit right there! :D

Wow . . . first on Robot Chicken, Master Cheif invades Mario in DK land, now this? Poor Mario. Though, I can't say he doesn't deserve it ROFL.

Oh man, you just made my day ^.^ Nice work


yoshiblue1733 responds:

Hahahaha although I am not a big fan of Robot Chicken, I heard many good things about it xP. If this was your project, would there be anything you would change in order to make it more pleasing?

All feedback is wonderful.



LOL that is pretty funny

And grazie for using my music ^.^


Heil responds:



That made my day. I always need a good flash to inspire me. LOL

Hey thnx for using the music. ^_^


CommanderX responds:

No problem.
I m glad it is not unuseful movie.

Nice Music ^.^

Interesting stuff. Hey, who wrote the music? Whoever it is, they need a record label and they need to be rich like Jay-Z or something like that.

LOL I'm such a smartass.

Nice pics. It was something interesting to look at. Especially for someone who goes hiking just to see a lightning storm on top of a big hill lol.

Keep Ridin' The Chill Wave


SAROTH responds:

Hehe. I'm ridin' the Chill Wave every day, buddy. ;)

Dude . . . that was deep. ^.^

I really liked it. you got a great storyline, good interactive spots, and you got the best musician to be on the flash.

lol j/k. But thnx for usin my music. Definately worth it ^.^ lol


flashman16 responds:

lol, but you do make excellent sonic remixes!
thanx for the music and review!


It was pretty cool, but it could use a few things, like I would for starters add some speech bubbles, that always works. The Tails thing does seem awkward, but in a good way. It's like I'm guessing Sonic will come back down, Tails is dying or whatever, lol.

Good use of my music too. It scared the shit out of me when it suddenly played really loud at the end during the credits lol.

Cant wait for the sequel!


DND-Productions responds:

Thanks for the good review, glad you liked my use of your music.
In the sequel, there will be some speech to help clarify the story, and yes, Sonic does have some part to play in #2.

Funny as hell!

So lemme get it right . . . we got a whiney One Piece fan, a black power guy, a cocky Final Fantasy Dude, there's RuPaul the diva, and of course what more could you want than Pokemon?

If you ask me, this was one hell of a cool disasterpiece


Vinstigator responds:

Thanks. All of those things combined make this one clasic movie :D

OMG how cool is that?

It seems like a great idea for a video game - -

Imagine it - - Union Of The Mario Cousins! I like it!

Thanx for using my music btw

-Paul aka Joey

John12346 responds:

I thought you were "TemporarilyNameless."

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