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Not for those with epilepsy or seizures. Side effects may include awe, convulsions, laughter, and Bundalf the Pink. Mwahahaaa!

wtf was that?

Let's first start with Reverent. The Penis was odd, but the screaming was fuckin funny. The penis could represent my weight-lifting coach/trainer. Cool!

Next, let's go to Squarehead. That is an Icon for my desktop. Woo!

Now it's ZekeySpaceLizard. That had nothing to do with 24, but was still pretty funny, the mouths were odd. You remind me of Bam Margera for some reason. The bobbing heads in the car was funny. I liked that the most of the four.

Finally we go to Fat_Badger. Bumsex? Funny. Techno. Cool.

Peace yo, Im out. I got some gold to win!


I also did your momma! Haha, buenobien!!!!!

WTF does that have to do with Pokemon?

That was as weird as waking up with a dick in your mouth, like my brother.



Michael Jackson's nephew I'm guessing, am I right?


It was the end that made me laugh, the end theme. It sounded like a bunch of rednecks being tortured by a whip or something. It was whacked out!


man, I've seen some cool stuff. This is one of the best. It follows how a Sonic X battle would go. Ouawesome!

Seriously, man it's cool! I just have one question:

Why would Knuckles do that in the end? That's just confusing to me, so please fill me in on that, but otherwise, it was cool

...I've said that like 5 times now! Teeheehee!

omg it's so true

That's how it always is! I mean, why not come up with a BETTER storyline, huh? Like, for instance, Sonic X? It has great storyline, and not as repetitive as Pokemon,

duuuuuuuude! You hit it right on the SPOT! BOOYA!

I agree with qygibo

Not intended for those with epilepsy of seizures.

Good for anti-sonic people, which i'm not...

but still, that was....


I like it when Amy blew her head off! That was the funniest. but the snipping of the nose and the leg break, you'd have to admit, cause you almost confused me there.

Reminds me of Not Another Teen Movie, for some reason, I dont know

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