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This is awesome

But hey, how come you deleted the rest of your stuff?

LOL that is pretty funny

And grazie for using my music ^.^


Heil responds:



That made my day. I always need a good flash to inspire me. LOL

Hey thnx for using the music. ^_^


CommanderX responds:

No problem.
I m glad it is not unuseful movie.

Nice Music ^.^

Interesting stuff. Hey, who wrote the music? Whoever it is, they need a record label and they need to be rich like Jay-Z or something like that.

LOL I'm such a smartass.

Nice pics. It was something interesting to look at. Especially for someone who goes hiking just to see a lightning storm on top of a big hill lol.

Keep Ridin' The Chill Wave


SAROTH responds:

Hehe. I'm ridin' the Chill Wave every day, buddy. ;)

Great work, everybody!

My favorites were Tarnish, Comick, SSJShadowX, and YoshiKing. Totally worth watching ^.^


ROFL i remember this

I felt exactly the same way about the Elian situation XD

Dude . . . that was deep. ^.^

I really liked it. you got a great storyline, good interactive spots, and you got the best musician to be on the flash.

lol j/k. But thnx for usin my music. Definately worth it ^.^ lol


flashman16 responds:

lol, but you do make excellent sonic remixes!
thanx for the music and review!

lol this takes me back

I still cant beleive I havent reviewed the first movie I ever saw on newgrounds. Well, it was pretty cool. It made me lmao, and seeing Kane in that group was pretty funny. And yeah, I too probly wouldve thrown a shoe at that baldy-guy (was his name Creon or something?). cool stuff

I'm still pro-Sonic

But that was pretty funny. Although I disagree with your litle anti-Sonic campaign, this was pretty good for an antisonic flash. Good luck bro.


Mystic Shin hand Cock. Yes, Psyguy also has an account on youtube. Yes, you might have seen it. But its still Psyguy's. You sure love talking smack, so lets see you talk more smack, huh?

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