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I love Galaga.


Not a bad game to play when yur stoned LOL jk.

It's cool though. The lagometer went up and shut off my internet lol. Or its just my crappy ass computer. Oh well, nice work


A job well done lads.

When I first saw this was up, I wanted to see it. Needless to say there were a few bugs in there, but looks like you got it all sorted out.

I checked out everything in there . . . I must say this is pretty epic. Now we just have to make it popular and we're all set LOL.

But anyway, it's great the amount of work put into this. You should totally celebrate. Congrats, and keep on Riding The Chill Wave (TM)


knuxrouge responds:

We may do another, with more activity.

Unfortunately no

BRYNmoore, unfortunately there is no alt ending. Would be pretty freakin cool though ^.^

But I love this game. I been playin it for years, its amazing I never reviewed it.

Geez man

That PhuckNG guy below me . . . what a douchebag. Apparently hates NG.

So why is he here? This game is for the Newgrounds Extremists like myself who LOVE challanges. . . . so get a life.

Where PhuckNG gives 0's, Ill give it 5's

NegativeONE responds:

Well, apparently his review got deleted. All's well that ends well.

Pretty cool

The best part is when that one Sonic song came up on the radio . . . it was by some guy named PaulStetich or something . . .

XD j/k. Thing is I dont have time enough to listen to others songs so, I'm so glad I downloaded this to keep updated. great work, bro


I guess i should try it now. Better download FL first XD

Nav responds:

Yay :D

Finally I beat this fucking thing!

Kinda ironic . . . . Can't beat it when I have my USB mouse plugged into my laptop, but when I am using my touchpad it's easier. How does that work? :O

Ah, finally!

The perfect myspace pic! :D

Great job, that looks a lot like me!

PapaQ responds:

That's the reason I created it. Glad you found use for it's purpose man and thanks for the great score

Oh my god!!!

This is perhaps the most ingenious thing ever . . . I make a lot of video game remixes, I can whip up some DOOM songs if you want any help on this series.


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