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I'm SO HAPPY that there's still a way to play this after the Flash age! The legend of this game lives on!!!

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. I kinda wish this was an app on the phone. It's just like 2048 but more challenging

Got bored and closed out before game started

I want to play, not sit through a slow ass intro. but it looked interesting

Now THAT'S a soundboard!

I've reviewed a lot of soundboarsd lately. And I've been really disappointed. Thank god I ran into this one, it's perfect! Music AND sound, and the quality is excellent! Nice one!

Ludamage responds:

Thanx very much for appreciation - i've made it with love )

Uh . . . Music Board?

I really don't get why people call them soundboards when theyre just music boards. However, the quality on this one is VERY nice. But it's not what I'm looking for


What the hell is a Halo soundboard without "SLAYER"? YOU CANT FORGET SLAYER!!!!


I remember this one from so long ago. I remember that I thought this was funny.

But now looking at it, it seems a little, well, basic. Like there's SO MUCH MORE you could've done with this. The saw idea was cool but it just feels like it's missing something


I haven't had this much fun with a Newgrounds game in a long ass time. I'm gonna beat this one to the end. I hope you make it to the big times

Addicting that's for sure

And not bad at all. I really wish I could get past the fuckin meteors though. Oh well, keepin at it.

If only EVERY noob could see this XD

Well hey man, thanks for using my music.

Anywho, This is pretty kickass, and some excellent advice. If only EVERY NG Noob could see this there'd probably be less dumbassedness in the forums lol. It's a cool walkthrough of NG. Great work, keep it up man


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