Stetich Changed His Name/Canada Story

2016-08-21 04:32:15 by PaulyBFromDa303

Hello! PaulStetich here.


Or at least I was. I'm Pauly B now. PaulyBFromDa303.


Right. So here goes. Before you go thinking "This is too long I'm not gonna read it" I'll remind you that I'd been gone from Newgrounds nearly six years and MUCH has changed other than the name.


I realized that in order to make it anywhere wrestling and grab the attention of a different audience, I couldn't use any kind of generic name. Honestly Stetich isn't even my real name. I used it to honor my mother, may she rest in peace. My name is Paul Basila. Hence the whole B thing. I came up with Pauly B not only to broaden my character and abilities a bit but also as a knock off of the Jersey Shore thing. Only it's not Jersey Shore. It's Denver Slope. Kinda funny, right?


So that started at the very beginning of 2013, I debuted as Pauly B in mid-January. And it just kinda stuck. Everybody I know knows me as Pauly B. It's kind of a sigh of releif actually. So the name change here was just to catch up with the times.


I'd been working on a few music projects lately but it's been difficult. It's not as easy to write music at the age of 28 than it was at 18. I wonder why. Could be because I have to make the time for it. Could be cause it's been six years since I've used the program and am still trying to re-learn everything. Could be because I've suffered concussion after concussion in the wrestling ring. Who knows? I've got a few in the works though. And a few over halfway done. One that's about three quarters done but I'm not very proud of it (in other words prepare to be disappointed LOL XD) and yes it's cause I'm just experimenting and tinkering.


I'll leave you with this match from around the same era. This one was from 2014, a very memorable time in my life. The time I went to Canada. This is one hell of a memory.


Seven other of my wrestling brothers and I decided once to do a big show in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. We took two cars and kinda caravanned our way, 18 hours, past the American border into the border of our northen neighbors. One car didn't make it past the border due to one of the members having a DUI. Apparently if you have a DUI you're not allowed into Canada. Also, they kept the rest of us held up for quite some time.


When the remaining four of us in the other car finally made it past, our first stop was a small down a few hours west of Winnipeg called Somerset. It's the middle of winter and the snow was about three feet high. It was quite a sight. I understand why they call it the "Great White North". It was fantastic though. That was the day I met Bret Hart. Blimey!


Bret was a hilarious guy. He told us stories ofhis early career when he would always mess around with his brother Bruce. They hated each other. Bret stole Bruce's plane ticket to Japan in 1973 and spent the next three years training and wrestling with his other brother Stu. He had a lot to say and to teach about the industry. I had a match that night against one of my travel brothers. It was definitely one of the best performances in my life. In a town populated by 30 there were at least 150 at this venue. That was just the first night.


The next day was a bigger show at a mall in downtown Winnipeg. This match. It was magical. The final ticket count was over 1200. I had a match against one of the Canadian brothers, Abel Wolfe. The first match of the night, following a speech given by Bret. Also in this video, you'll see one of my Denver brothers Rob Ryzin take on Winnipeg's own Zack Mercury. It was quite the event. My segment starts at 12:20. I'm the blue guy. Of course, this is only the first of three videos. So no, this isn't the whole show



 It was just another great adventure, and that's the life of a wrestler.

My disappearance

2016-04-15 19:36:57 by PaulyBFromDa303

Hi everybody! It's great to finally be back on Newgrounds! Wow, five years. It would seem I've got some catching up to do. I want to start off by saying that after everything I've been through it's good to be back here, with a laptop and a means of internet, all I need now is music software and I'll be back to doing what I do here. Remix music from everybody's favorite blue hedgehog (along with a few other original projects I've been keeping in my mind for years)

I'm sure you all are wondering where I've been and what's been happening. As many of you know, or knew (I really don't know how many of my fans and friends I have left here on NG), I had become a professional wrestler, travelling the independent circuit, along with producing music and posting them here on NG. Well, back in 2010, I unfortunately ran into an issue where my harddrive crashed. Actually my psychotic former roommate decided to sabotage my computer before I moved out of there.

So at that point my wrrestling career was taking off. Not to mention I was becoming a man in the real world. All the money I could've and should've spent getting new wares, went to wrestling gear and bills. Granted I've had one hell of a career so far. I've travaled the Rocky Mountains, I've been to Canada. I've met and befriended many celebrity wrestlers, I've learned from them. I almost died in my travels. I've been picked on and bullied, I've been put through hell and deeper. Yet I've always come out on top. I'm now a three time tag team champion, and one time company champion. A lot has changed, even in the last five years that I was MIA from Newgrounds.

So why come back to all this? Well, it's not as great as it seems. Even today I have to fight to make any impersonation. Now, I remember the days beforehand when I was here, and I made music for the fun of making music and to get my mind off all the stress I was going through. As things go nowadays, I could really use something to take the pressure off. That and I miss being an active part of the Sonic community. I had many fans from the SEGA forums, and at one point I got someone really high up with them to check out my product. It was always one of my dreams to write music for SEGA, and I guess it still is. And even though I've really advanced in the world of professional wrestling, it's THIS that I've been missing in my life for far too long.

So once I get the music program, which I am currently waiting for in the mail, my long disappearance will finally officially be over. All the pieces are finally set! Please, look out for me. You'll see be back in the portal real soon.

Before I close out, I first want to thank you for reading, and for all the support that I can get. I also want to post this video, it's a highlight reel from one of our shows that took place in July 2015, just to show you all what my life has been like in the past few years. My section runs from 0:55 to 2:08. I'll be the one in the yellow pants.


So, it's been a while since I posted anything at all so, I'll post a match from before. And yes I lose this one but it was a great match. And for the IWF Championship too.

Yes my equipment is still gone. I don't know when I'll be getting a new one because it's so expensive and I only make so much with my job. I'm trying my best. I'm busting my ass. Not getting much for it but I'm trying still.

I dunno. I been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I'm going to be doing in the future. I have no idea what direction everything is going. I'm hoping something happens soon. Cause I really miss making music. It stresses me out. And I got other shit to take care of too, like getting a new apartment cause my roommate drives me nuts, and I can't move back in my parents' place cause they won't allow it, amongst all the bills I pay and other junk . . . most of you guys have it lucky since you don't have to worry about that sort of crap.

But anyway, yeah that's what's going on. Nothing. At all.

300 fans!

2011-03-31 16:43:43 by PaulyBFromDa303

So, after about 5 years of being in the audio portal I've finally hit 300 fans! Yes, 300 people favoritized me as an audio artist. Another pointless milestone in which to hopefully have more. LOL

But seriously, thanks to everyone who listened to my wares, I know I been away for a while what with my equipment breaking down and not having enough money to afford anything else yet. But things are about to happen

Since I got this new job working the night crew at a grocery store, I've been saving up to get a new apartment, and I'm practically there. I just need to find the place now. And I should still have enough when I get moved in for a new computer, new software, and internet, so hopefully I'll be back up and running sometime in the summer.

I know that the program I use is a little retro, but I been doing some hunting and I think I may have found the program of my dreams. Sounds SO PROFESSIONAL. I found it by going to a concert at a local venue. I can't exactly remember what the program is called but my friend Miles (DJ Artificial Intelligence) has a copy that I'll probably borrow. I totally cannot wait to get started up again.

Again though, thanks to everyone for their support, and I hope to be posting more music soonish. Keep in tune!


I'm posting a link to some of AI's work with another local artist, DJ Guam. It's not on Newgrounds but this is the same program I am to be using

NRW - Paul Stetich vs. Prodigee - 02/05/2011

2011-03-03 10:15:20 by PaulyBFromDa303

No other updates at this time

Happy New Years everyone!

2011-01-01 11:07:26 by PaulyBFromDa303

Yo sup Newgroundsmen and Newgroundswomen . . . and Newgroundsaliens

Hope everyone has a good New Years. I ended up working AND doing overtime. So I'm gonna do what everyone else is probably doing today . . . sleep!

So as I mentioned earlier my equipment I use to make music is down, and I gotta pay for a whole new system. So I'm using my roommate's computer until then. I can only check for reviews and email and stuff. Sucks but I will be back, and this time I'm getting a new program as well, a better one. More possibilities, and it sounds professional too. Thankfully I got this job.

But anyway, What are some of your guys' New Years Resolutions? Personally mine is to get my life together. New apartment, possible colleges, and of course making more music. Boost my wrestling career as well. Oh the opportunities I'll have this year.

Well, I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep now. Don't have anymore matches right now so here's a crackhead!

/* */
Enjoy! LMAO! And Happy New Year. Less than 2 years before the world ends. Or is it?

Paul Stetich vs Johnny Crash, IWF 09/11/2010

2010-09-20 20:57:54 by PaulyBFromDa303

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That's right. For one night only my stressful tag team partner, Arik Angel, was out and about. My mission was to prove that I can do anything without him by defeating one half of the #1 contenders to our titles, Johnny Crash of High Maintenance.

As for music news, kinda hit another writer's block . . . I'm thinking it's because my program is so old and I've run out of things to do on it. But soon as I can post another track I will. I'm still workin on stuff but it's very slow. Besides I'm working on new entrance music at the moment and usually spend my internet time looking for video game sound effects.

Also, as of tomorrow I will be working again. Night crew at a grocery store, doesn't sound glamorous, and it's not exactly full time but it pays a lot. It's the start of a brand new chapter of my life. I couldn't be happier.

I guess that's it for now. LOL

PHW - Paul Stetich vs Ronin The R&R Vampire, 06/20/2010

2010-06-30 04:36:13 by PaulyBFromDa303

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Primos Hardcore & Wrestling - June 20, 2010
Paul Stetich vs Ronin The Rock & Roll Vampire

If you can't tell who's who, I'm the dude in the green/white shorts


2009-01-09 02:53:28 by PaulyBFromDa303

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Paul Stetich vs. Jason "The Villain" Gillan
December 21, 2008

This was the suicide dive I pulled on The Villain, the main highlight of the match that ended up in a victory for me ^.^

This very move got one of the biggest ovations I'd ever heard, it seriously sounded like a WWE venue LOL