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Happy New Years everyone!

Posted by PaulyBFromDa303 - January 1st, 2011

Yo sup Newgroundsmen and Newgroundswomen . . . and Newgroundsaliens

Hope everyone has a good New Years. I ended up working AND doing overtime. So I'm gonna do what everyone else is probably doing today . . . sleep!

So as I mentioned earlier my equipment I use to make music is down, and I gotta pay for a whole new system. So I'm using my roommate's computer until then. I can only check for reviews and email and stuff. Sucks but I will be back, and this time I'm getting a new program as well, a better one. More possibilities, and it sounds professional too. Thankfully I got this job.

But anyway, What are some of your guys' New Years Resolutions? Personally mine is to get my life together. New apartment, possible colleges, and of course making more music. Boost my wrestling career as well. Oh the opportunities I'll have this year.

Well, I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep now. Don't have anymore matches right now so here's a crackhead!

/* */
Enjoy! LMAO! And Happy New Year. Less than 2 years before the world ends. Or is it?

Comments (55)

My new years resolution is to not make any resolutions, of this I am resolute.

Wait, shit I just made one! Fuck >:C

Well, better luck next year then. XD

Resolutions? That word has no effect on me! Hahaha! *laughs madly*

2011, huh? Guess I'm goin to college this year. Ugh, I hafta "grow up" now. Gaaaah!

Oh thats not so bad. So many things you can do that you couldn't do as a kid, like drinking at a bar, and uh . . . . . . uh . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Uh........uh.......? Anythin else?


Maybe. Only way to know is by experiencing 21dom yourself. LOL

Eeeh......got 3 more years b4 I find out. Give me a "sneak peek".

If I knew how to sneak a drink 2000 miles away I would. LOL

Lulz. I gotta try to get wasted b4 this school year ends. >w<

Nice. It's fun at times. Personally I prefer getting stoned. I like getting drunk and all but it hurts the stomach sometimes

True. Plus, I don't wanna choke on my own vomit. That would suck. lol.

Meh. It's not bad to get drunk at least once. Just dont overdo it lol

I'll try.

*slurred* I gotza go nowz. I hafta talk to mah friendz. You probableh know himz. His name is PaulStetichz. @__@

LOL wow. You got a driver?

Yeaz, I gozzz a drever. Aren't j00 za dreverr?

No way man. I hada few too many meself!

Whaa????! But zen how're we gonna get home?! I need ta get home!

WALK FOO! We got legs and feet! Just get home before the police catch you or you get hit by a car XD

Wha?! Po-Po around?! Oh shit! Gozza get outza here! Feets, don't fail me nao!

*starts sloppy running while running into random things*

OH NO! A CAR! Dont get hit! XD

Oh Lord!

*SCREEEECH!* *CRASH* *Nothing but smoke*

Uh oh. Shadic's dead . . . . anyone wanna take his place? LOL

*rises from ashes* Hey, I'm not dead! I'm perfectly fi- *vomits*

Hahahaha. This one time my friend and I got so drunk, and for some reason decided to go to Dennys. So we get there, he passes out in the middle of his order, he passes out on the toilet face, then we eat and he passes out, then we leave and he passes out, and at that point I had to drag him across the street and up a hill. Then he gfets back up, and falls down the hill. It was crazy. I thought he was gonna die. Learned his lesson. We straight up drank from the bottle. Crazy night

Damn. Wonder if he'd pass out at a rock concert. Lol.

Probably. What if we got into a mash pit. He'd die LOL

Oh, I can envision it now.......

Wait a minute. How'd a turtle get in here? O_o'

Oh that? That's Bowser's turtle man. He's backstage working the lights for the metal show

Wha, really? I wondered why this thing was givin me blisters on my fingers.

Oh your fireball powers? Did you take a flower?

I might've. Does a Subway foot-long with spicy Fritos count?

Yes. I would've also accepted a McDonalds burger with Taco Bell's hot sauce all over it

I didn't eat that.

Huh. Maybe I should've tried that instead. Hm...... :)

No. It may give firepower but comes with a price. Every drop you put of Taco Bell's hot sauce on a McDonalds cheeseburger is one round of diarrhea and vomit

Ewww. You may be right. -__-"

I'd stick with the fireflower . . . or the Subway thingy. XD

Fireflowers are the BEST! They taste so good! :D

Yeah. Kinda cinnamonny.

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