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Denver, Colorado
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Yo! Pauly B here, formerly Paul Stetich. Professional wrestler, Sonic the Hedgehog superfan, and Newgrounds musician. It's quite a life. Feel free to leave a vote, review, and message if you want to chat. And be honest. That's how Pauly B do


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Hello! PaulStetich here.


Or at least I was. I'm Pauly B now. PaulyBFromDa303.


Right. So here goes. Before you go thinking "This is too long I'm not gonna read it" I'll remind you that I'd been gone from Newgrounds nearly six years and MUCH has changed other than the name.


I realized that in order to make it anywhere wrestling and grab the attention of a different audience, I couldn't use any kind of generic name. Honestly Stetich isn't even my real name. I used it to honor my mother, may she rest in peace. My name is Paul Basila. Hence the whole B thing. I came up with Pauly B not only to broaden my character and abilities a bit but also as a knock off of the Jersey Shore thing. Only it's not Jersey Shore. It's Denver Slope. Kinda funny, right?


So that started at the very beginning of 2013, I debuted as Pauly B in mid-January. And it just kinda stuck. Everybody I know knows me as Pauly B. It's kind of a sigh of releif actually. So the name change here was just to catch up with the times.


I'd been working on a few music projects lately but it's been difficult. It's not as easy to write music at the age of 28 than it was at 18. I wonder why. Could be because I have to make the time for it. Could be cause it's been six years since I've used the program and am still trying to re-learn everything. Could be because I've suffered concussion after concussion in the wrestling ring. Who knows? I've got a few in the works though. And a few over halfway done. One that's about three quarters done but I'm not very proud of it (in other words prepare to be disappointed LOL XD) and yes it's cause I'm just experimenting and tinkering.


I'll leave you with this match from around the same era. This one was from 2014, a very memorable time in my life. The time I went to Canada. And almost died. Prepare for a little read, cause this is one hell of a memory.


Seven other of my wrestling brothers and I decided once to do a big show in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. We took two cars and kinda caravanned our way, 18 hours, past the American border into the border of our northen neighbors. One car didn't make it past the border due to one of the members having a DUI. Apparently if you have a DUI you're not allowed into Canada. Also, they kept the rest of us held up for quite some time.


When the remaining four of us in the other car finally made it past, our first stop was a small down a few hours west of Winnipeg called Somerset. It's the middle of winter and the snow was about three feet high. It was quite a sight. I understand why they call it the "Great White North". It was fantastic though. That was the day I met Bret Hart. Blimey!


Bret was a hilarious guy. He told us stories ofhis early career when he would always mess around with his brother Bruce. They hated each other. Bret stole Bruce's plane ticket to Japan in 1973 and spent the next three years training and wrestling with his other brother Stu. He had a lot to say and to teach about the industry. I had a match that night against one of my travel brothers. It was definitely one of the best performances in my life. In a town populated by 30 there were at least 150 at this venue. That was just the first night.


The next day was a bigger show at a mall in downtown Winnipeg. This match. It was magical. The final ticket count was over 1200. I had a match against one of the Canadian brothers, Abel Wolfe. The first match of the night, following a speech given by Bret. Also in this video, you'll see one of my Denver brothers Rob Ryzin take on Winnipeg's own Zack Mercury. It was quite the event. My segment starts at 12:20. I'm the blue guy. Of course, this is only the first of three videos. So no, this isn't the whole show



So after we got paid $120 Canadian (which is about $103 US), it was time to head home. But the weather was kind of bad that day. We had no choice, we crossed the border back into America. And that's when we get into really bigtrouble. A terrible blizzard had hit right before we crossed the border, and we were literally riding the eye of the storm. -30*F, 95 MPH winds, complete whiteout, we couldn't see ten feet in front of us.


We had only lasted about ten minutes. Suddenly, BOOM. We hit a parked semi from behind at 25 MPH. So we try to pull to the side and get insurance information. Before anyone got out of the car, BOOM. An SUV hits us from behind. Then THAT man steps out of his car to check on us, meanwhile two of our guys stepped out to check on the trunk which was stuck open and blowing our stuff away in the wind. At that moment, KABOOM!!! A second semi comes through, strikes the guy from the SUV, sends him flying. Rear-ends our car, sends our two guys flying. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the back. The truck's fender barely touching my head, nearly crushing me in between the truck and the driver seat.


Our driver, knocked out for a few seconds, came to and saw me stuck there. He pulls me out of the car and then we go and find the others. After about a half hour of scrambling and panic and chaos, the ambulence finally showed up. I rode up with the guy who was hit by the truck, the SUV guy, who died not five minutes after we reached the hospital. Us being the first ones there, I hadn't seen another one of my brothers for a good twenty minutes after that. In the back of my mind I know the worst that could've possibly happened. So worried. So scared. Asking myself "What if, what now, what of them, what of me?" It was the greatest relief when I saw two more come in, and the last of us three minutes later.


We had to stay at the hospital that night. Our good friend from Winnipeg and owner of PCW came to our hospital the next day and bought us all plane tickets home. All four of us had survived. Some walked away with broken shoulders and broken noses. I have a huge permanent scar on my head and had to get ankle surgery. But it was the value of life that we learned that weekend. Definitely the best and worst weekend of my life. It hasn't stopped me from going back to Canada. Or anywhere else for that matter. It was just another great adventure, and that's the life of a wrestler.

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